The amazing Infinite Flight community

I have been using Infinite Flight for a year now, but I have only recently starting involving myself in IFC. The IFC is one of the friendliest communities I’ve ever been a part of. The people in the IFC are some of the nicest people in the world. I’m just writing this post to say a huge thank you to everyone for making this community an amazing one. THANK YOU ALL!!!


Thank you! The community is truly amazing! I’m glad you love it!

Great to hear your enjoying yourself! It’s amazing having a common love for something and being able to share it with those in a safe and inclusive environment. 🙌🏻

@infiniteflight_17 you summarized my post up 🤣

Glad you can enjoy yourself and let your passion be free in this safe environment. I’m happy to yap about anything anytime, and am always open to practically any help I can give!

Well i have been her short but i thank the comunity

I have been here for almost little over a year now. I have to agree with cause it is just the best I’ve ever seen.

I agree with you! You’re awesome too!

The IFC is now a part of my life.

Thank you @FlyCymru101! I’m sure that we as community members are glad to be helpful to others :)

Long time since I’ve seen nice posts like this after the 20.1 debacle.

I agree with you! It truly is the least toxic and friendliest community I have been a part of!

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Yeah! The IFC is awesome

Yeah i agree with you

It’s a great place, it is what made me decide if I wanted to get IF or not and I did from reading the community.

Yes I totally agree, everyone is so friendly and couldn’t be any better 😁

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