The Alps, Pyrenees, Himalayas, and Southern Andes

Natural beauty is amongst some of the most precious things our world has to offer. Sometimes we need to see them for ourselves IRL, but we can’t for numerous reasons. So let’s do it in IF. Here are four famous mountain ranges:

Alps: Ryanair 737-800

Quite possibly one of the most recognized mountain ranges in the world, the Alps are surely somewhere you’re bound to fly over when in Europe. They offer remarkably scenic views and are always a treat to see once they pop up. For a full flight over the Alps, try something East-West, or vice-versa (LOWW-LSGG is a good one). Otherwise you can fly a Latitudinal route, like LIPH-EBCI (the route flown in this pic).

Pyrenees: Swiss A321

Europe has another, less thought of mountain range. These are the Pyrenees, a range that span in between the borders of Spain and France. The Alps massively overshadow these mountains, but really they have a charm of its own. The Pyrenees are significantly shorter than the Alps but that doesn’t stop it from being scenic. Try LEBL-LEBB for a full flight skimming the range. People mainly fly over these mountains in routes to the Canary Islands and neighboring countries. Route flown here was LSZH-LEMG.

Himalayas: Generic A319

Truly the Himalayas give off their own spirit. They are snow capped and have dazzling heights that one marvels. And you can’t forget that one airport stuck in between: Lukla. With some gorgeous views and mountains that seem so low to you, the Himalayas are not to be missed out on. Skimming the Himalayas, such as this flight from VNKT-VQPR, are common routes flown.

Southern Andes: LATAM A320

What you have to remember about the Andes is that they are a long mountain range. They stretch from Venezuela all the way to Chile, so they are remarkably diverse in terms of land. Chile mainly houses the snow topped mountains along with some turquoise rivers and lakes. If though want to take advantage of this particular sector, then I recommend flying from SCEL-SCCI like I did. Otherwise, to view the majority of the range, fly SKBO-SCEL, with a routing going through Quito and Lima.

I’m always open to fly alongside some more ranges. Leave some suggestions down below and tell me your favorite picture. I would love to hear from you guys. Thanks for viewing these photos!

Your Favorite Shot?

  • Ryanair B738
  • Swiss A321
  • A319 Wing View
  • LATAM A320

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