The Alps, and Italy

Yesterday, I flew down to Florence from Zurich. It was a very scenic flight, crossing the Alps and coming in for a smooth, as well as a scenic descent. @Canadian_Aviator joined me on his group flight (thanks for coming!).

Here are the shots!

P1) Positive Rate, Gear Up!

P2) Alps Looking Fire!

Thanks for checking these out!

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Ok, Felix Out


The angle works great on #2 Nice


Nice shots ! 🇨🇭🇨🇭 🇮🇹
I wish we could do the same of the Swiss A320 one which is still used , it would be amazing though :o ,

I love the angles and the colors in your screenshots, absolutely stunning !!!


Thanks! Yeah I didn’t like 1 that much now that I think about it, too dark. I really like 2 though!

Thanks a lot man!

That’s some nice image there, lol.

Great photos!

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Some of the nice routes with the alps and the spectacular approach into Firenze. Thanks for sharing these cool pictures, especially the second one is great!