The Aloha Flyers

Hello! @raoul_butler and I decided to do a quick group/formation flight to try to get some awesome pictures throughout some of the Hawaiian Islands, and we did just that. We were able to snap some incredible pictures through some of the main, and smaller islands throughout our, rather short, formation flight.

Server : Training ; Aircraft : 767-300 ; Flight Time : 24 Minutes ; Route : PHNL to PHHN


This is off of my right wing, over Maui, facing Lanai. This is me turning to fly up next to Haleakala. Awesome views down, looking towards Kahului. Finally, a picture of both Raoul and I turning in formation around Haleakala.


Wow, I know this topic is a little old, but these pictures are AWESOME! I hope to see some more topics that surround the beautiful Hawaiian islands in the future!


Wow!! Really cool!! But 767 need a rework :(

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