The (Almost) Longest Narrowbody Flight on Earth!

Montevideo to Panama City

So I took an almost 2 week break from posting because I was on vacation and never felt like spending the hour or two it takes to make these topics, so I’m finally posting again. This was a random route I decided to fly earlier this week, as it is the longest flight by a narrow body aircraft, that is not a MAX or NEO flight. Montevideo is the Capital, and largest city in the South American country of Uruguay. Montevideo to Panama City is an astounding 3,385 Miles, spanning across the entire continent of South America. I am wondering how many people actually read these long descriptions, so for you guys actually reading, the answer to the question at the bottom is Columbia. Montevideo to Panama City is just longer than São Paulo, and San Francisco to Panama City that Copa also fly. Copa is able to fly these long 737 flights because they are all over land in case a fuel diversion is needed. I took off just after 12 PM Eastern to time my arrival with the sunset in Central America. Flight time was an astounding 7 hours and 6 minutes in the 737-800.

Flight Details

Montevideo to Panama City
Copa 284
Boeing 737-800
@Ur_Friendly_Approach @JulianB @Philippe_Gilbert

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A windy rotation for the capital of Uruguay

Climbing out over downtown Montevideo

The Andes Mountain Range in Western South America

The sun starts to set and seems to for the final hours of the flight

Turning in front of the rising moon

Gear down after more than 7 hours in the air

The stunning approach into Panama City at sunset

Straight on the centerline at sunset!

As always please let me know your thoughts and favorite photo!

Which country did Panama secede from in 1903?

  • Great Britain
  • The Soviet Union
  • Columbia

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Nice picture like always!! Colombia is spelled with double “o” instead of a “u”


Welp. It’s been 6 minutes so I can’t edit the poll. Rip

Its definitely Soviet Union
Their greatness was spread everywhere

But seriously, great pics😃


The cockpit view on the second to last one is incredible!

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“Seems to”…

@NoahM, 2020

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Nice photos!. Ive tried one of there other long flights (panama to santiago) but i ended up sleeping through southwest coast of argentina and ive had some fuel left so ive quitted

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I hope you has a great one, glad to have you back!

Interesting, never knew that!

That’s a stunning jumpiest view!! Great shots as always, with the moonshot being my close second for favourite of the topic. As always, thanks for sharing ;)

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Those pics are outstanding!

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Thanks for another history lesson

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Awesome pictures! It’s amazing that a 737 can fly that far!

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Beautiful shots Noah!!

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Great Pictures as always… and yes… I DID read the description not to give any spoilers to the people that didnt.
Also, I think that ONE of the longest narrowbody flights is Manila to Sydney on an A321neo which is crazy long! Good centerline on the last one :)

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Nice pics! This looks like a cool flight, but you’ve made me look up the longest flight (narrowbody) in the world… Anyways, love the last pic staring down the runway. The second to last one with the cockpit is nice too!

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Sooo I ummmm kinda forgot I posted this, and that’s why I’m only responding now but

@Infinite_Qantas Maybe it was 👀, but Thanks a lot! 😂

@CaptainZac thanks! That approach was awesome

@GameBoy_KIRB thanks! I thought about quitting, it definitely gets boring, if I’m being honest some of the scenery was underwhelming and it was way too long to be in a 737

@JulianB thanks Julian! We had a lot of fun on vacation, wearing a mask and staying distanced obviously 😝. I was happy with the moon shot too, it was a way different angle than I usually use and I liked it!

@Daniel_Steinman @KindaTartySliceOfPie thanks guys! It was long but the 737 barely made it lol

@Ur_Friendly_Approach I’m the local IFC History Professor I guess 😂

@Joseph007 thanks Joseph!

@John19 thanks and thanks for actually reading, I doubt most people do! 😂 the longest A321 NEO flight is Manila to Sydney at about 8 hours, but I’m pretty sure the longest 737 Max flight was GOL flying Brasilia to Orlando at a crazy 10 hours or so, but I’m not sure what they’re doing with that flight now as more than half the time they’ve had to stop in Punta Cana to refuel

@Mr-plane-guy1 thanks! It’s definitely an interesting flight, and I thought it was interesting to look up long narrowbody flights too! The landing was right in the center but definitely not smooth 😂


Great shots 🔥

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Thank you! :D

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