The Almighty FedEx 777

Hey all, I flew a Long haul flight from Oakland to Osaka Kansai, and here are a few screenshots, hope you enjoy! This flight was for @AirChinaVirtual! ❤️

Deets you don’t care about

Route: KOAK - RJBB
Duration: 12:00
Server: Expert

One of my favorites, Parked @Oakland 😍

Fast forward to takeoff

Descending into Osaka Kansai

On Final, Rwy 24L

Slowing down after a horrible touchdown, as usual, and you can see @Average_Gamer who spawned just to see me slam 😃

Congrats, you made it! Hope you liked them!


Agreed the FedEx 777 is so good

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That first shot looks amazing. Well done!

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Lovely shots!

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Thanks so much everyone!

Nice job with those photos! :)

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Thank you so much!

Great photos

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Nice shots! I love the second one!

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Thanks guys!

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Yooooo… That plane is the best. Very nice shots!

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Nice pictures👍

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Hello there!

Don’t mean anything negatively but off-topic conversation isn’t allowed.

If you want to vote for the 747 rework request I have it linked below.

Enjoy your day!