The All-Seeing Falcon → Cairo to Muscat

Yesterday I flew a medium-haul route between two cities that had active ATC on the expert server, among other Middle Eastern cities including Amman, Kuwait and Riyadh. This was one of the longest flights available between the cities and had incredible scenery on either side of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to @TimR for opening up Muscat just prior to my arrival.

The airline’s logo is Horus in ancient Egyptian mythology, chosen because of its ancient symbolism as a “winged god of the sun”, and usually depicted as a falcon or a man with the head of a falcon. Wikipedia

I did some fairly minor editing of all the photos using Lightroom CC. Please enjoy my first screenshots topic :)

🕘 Yesterday, midmorning (GMT+2)
📶 Expert Server
✈ EgyptAir 930, Cairo to Muscat (HECA-OOMS), Boeing 737-800
🛫 Cruising altitude: FL350, Speed: M0.78
⏳ 3:27 flight time, 16 minute taxi time

Flight plan

Flight Report


Cleared for takeoff runway 05C at Cairo while @max7777 holds short in his Emirates 77W bound for Dubai

Lining up while an EgyptAir A330-300 is on final approach to 05R at Cairo, with parked aircraft at their gates

Engines spooling up while A330 continues its approach

Climbing out of Cairo while a Delta A350 holds short and the A330 greases it touching down in Cairo


Entering the Persian Gulf after crossing the middle of Saudi Arabia, just before Bahrain and Qatar

Nearing Bahrain and Qatar while jetting along the Persian Gulf towards the UAE


Descending and turning away from the spectacular Al Hajar Mountains off Oman’s coast


Flaring while @niks.goen in an EgyptAir 737-800 prepares for a flight back to Cairo

A smooth touchdown while an Oman Air 787 is parked at a gate

Looking back towards the sweeping Al Hajar Mountain range while touching down

Thanks for viewing this topic! I hope to make some more in the future, so feedback would be much appreciated.


Absolutely stunning! This one is going on my bucket list!

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Great close up shots! I’ve never seen a post like that! ;)

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Nice shots :) It was great controlling you!

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It was a bit quiet in the 15 minutes prior to my arrival wasn’t it?

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Nice shots! Personally I think you should tone down a bit on the saturation of the sky but I just love this photo:

Keep it up mate.


At least I didn’t go completely the other way and then boost the whites into oblivion ;)

I do really like your recent shots a lot. Thanks for the compliment and I’ll keep your advice in mind.


Yep, I was just watching netflix for like the first 30 mins of my session and then after you arrived it got pretty busy!

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um BC, the sky looks exactly the same to me?

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He was talking about the other photos I guess, now that I think of it.


It was a generalization of the sky in the photos. I said that I love this photo because I like how he incorporated two angles and almost merged them together.

Whether they look normal to you or not is not my business.


They still look pretty normal to me


perfect, can i know what device you are using to play

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At this stage I was using the S20 FE. Highly recommended in either 4G or 5G since they both have the Snapdragon 865 now.

yeaa thats good
im using S21 plus snapdragon but i did not get graphics like that

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You can get the highest resolution graphics by using the screenshot function in your replays. That’s what I used - just make sure it’s set to the highest res in settings :)
Welcome to the IFC btw!

i will try this next flight, Thanks alot captain 🙏

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i tried it and it worked fine, thanks alot for the advice


Beautiful shots !

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I love how you use the tail logo for the pictures. I like that type of style!

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