The all new Cessna SkyCourier

Hi there everyone! The Cessna SkyCourier was just launched today and Fedex is going to be the launch customer, click the link below for more information about this aircraft! Cessna SkyCourier

Feature request for this plane


Looks sleek, I like it. So this may be replacing FedEx’s C208’s in the future, right?


Heres what they will look like! Cant wait to see this replacing Fedex Express’s C208’s! :)


Just imagine it! Amazing!

And this is what’s created when a Twin Otter and a Piper Cheyenne III have a baby. Beautiful.


I’m thinking it’s replacing the ATR’s

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I could be wrong though. The 208’s are still pretty new but they are small. This plane would be a good replacement

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, I’m sure they’ll still have them in service but you are definitely right, they are quite small

Looks really nice! :)



Nice to see Cessna come up with this type of plane! It has a stunning design.

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@DeerCrusher looks like we might be in need of an IF upgrade for those Bush Routes!


I think this will put cessna into a new area of commercial aviation.

Has the looks of a Tecnam P2006T, and a Cessna 172. Kind of a weird look, but I think its something that’ll grow on me to like. Would be interesting to see in the coming years.


It looks like a Beechcraft and Dash 8 hybrid in a way haha

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Looks like little flying plane toys…

I would love this as a private plane. Looks luxurious!

We need this aircraft because we don’t have a lot of prop engine aircraft

I hope some airline in Indonesia buys them. It will suit many airports in Indonesia because in Papua there are a bunch of really tiny runways that are in remote villages. These planes can connect these villages to other places.

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I hope logan air buys them.

They don’t look as pretty with the FedEx logo but looks like a overall great aircraft! Lets see if they will put in IF!