The Alaskan Milk Run! (Leg 2) Ketchikan - Wrangell

Welcome to part 2 of my week - long series! The series will take you along the south west coast of Alaska, in the infamous Alaskan Milk Run! These hops have some of the best sights, interesting approaches and shortest flights in a 737! I have more info on the history of the Alaskan Milk Run in Part 1, you Should check it out!

FLIGHT INFO: | Route: PAKT - PAWG | cruising alt: 20.000ft | cruising speed: 240kts |

(1) Parked at Ketchikan! I believe more people should fly here, it’s beautiful!

(2) lining up for runway 11!

(3) LIFTOFF! Can’t wait for the scenery!

(4) Well, there it is! Almost at cruising altitude already! A nice view of Ketchikan!

(5) Again, more people need to fly here! It’s beautiful!


(7) Already began descent! Doing a 360 to Lower my altitude

(8) i can now see the town of Wrangell! Barely the airport though

(9) lining up for the runway just before it starts, i had to due to a mountain

(10) last photo! A reasonable landing in Wrangell, could have been better!

Thanks for seeing my photos! Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow! Wrangell - Petersburg, which is the shortest flight of them all!

Also (if you haven’t yet), please check out part 1 of this series!


Wow amazing photos 😊

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Thank you!

Awesome photos! Hopefully going to be doing the Milk Run in the next few days! :D

I love this sector, it’s literally the last part of Alaska with 3D scenery
Above that it’s all

Very nice photos

Glad someone is enjoying the work we editors do in Alaska. I hope you had a good flight! 😁

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