The Alaskan Milk Run! (Leg 1) Seattle - Ketchikan

Welcome to my 7-day-series! These hops are a part of the infamous Alaskan Milk Run! It’s operated by Alaska airlines. Alaska airlines operated this flight since the 1930s, it was the only way to give these communities supplies.

Fight Info: | Route: KSEA - PAKT | Flight Time: 1:44 | Cruising Alt: 32.000ft | Plane: B739


Parked at SeaTac, beautiful Alaskan livery

Taxiing to Runway 16L!

Liftoff! I got a great shot of me with @Yamato on short final in a ANA 772!

Flying over Victoria, the capital City of British Columbia!

An engine shot over the beautiful mountains of BC!

WoW lOoK gUyS I FoUnD tHe NeW cLoUdS!!11!!!11!!!1!1

Just casually descending over Prince Rupert

Flying at 3000ft over Anette Island, Just next to Ketchikan!

Gear down for a really windy approach at PAKT! Pushing 28kts!

A wheelie didn’t hurt anyone did it? Maybe the passengers on this flight

Please stay tuned for leg 2 Tomorrow! The flight between Ketchikan and Wrangell!


Amazing! I did the Milk Run a couple weeks back, ASA61.

Alaska Airlines Milk Run is definitely worth! Can’t wait to see more photos!


I’ve been planning to do the Alaska Milk Run for a while now but forgot about it! Thanks for sharing the beautiful screens.

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Stunning pictures 👍🏻

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Thank you! It is a beautiful flight

Thank you! You should definitely do it! The scenery is too good to not see

:) thanks!

Amazing Pics

:) thank you

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Looks like a beautiful flight! great pics

i’m still asking myself why it’s called “milk” run

Because it’s taken frequently by people who live in these small cities or towns. They probably go like every week since roads there don’t connect to another city or a big city. Pretty much just a casual flight, just like going to the grocery store to get milk. Yea that was a pretty bad explanation but read this: The Milk Run is a hop, skip and a jump along Southeast Alaska’s coast – Alaska Airlines Blog

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oooh okay.

This is the city of cordova for example…

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