The Alaska of the Middle East

Hello IFC, I am back with another post for you all! Today I wanted to explore more of what Infinite Flight has to offer and decided to fly to an area around Tajikistan. As always, I hope you enjoy these photos for you.

Server: Expert Sever
Aircraft/Livery: Cessna Citation X/Private 8
Route: VFR
Time: 00:41


Its the Alaska of the middle east except for the fact that in IF Alaska is a land with no mountains.


One day, I know Alaska will get its topography. We just need to wait for the perfect time to have 60th parallel worked on.

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Alaska has some of the best scenery in Infinte Flight 👌

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Tajikistan? Middle Eastern? How the…

Beautiful photos though! Flew over it from New York to Delhi some time ago. Never got bored of the scenery.

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Not everything in sight is covered in snow so I already know it’s not Alaska.

Great photos. I like the fog in the second photo.

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I agree, the scenery in Alaska is amazing, in fact, its my favorite! Once I flew over Alaska in Infinite Fight for the first time, I couldn’t stop going.

Thank you! Although I don’t think I will ever do a flight that long due to my phone always crashing after 2 hours, the scenery there is a lot different from most of the Middle East, which is nice to come across when most of the nearby areas are flat.

Thank you! Glad you liked my photos! We’ll just have to wait for another Ice Age! I also thought of Alaska because it has lots of tall mountains.

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“The Alaska of the Middle East” Something I’d never thought I read. Though when the Military gets ready to deploy to Afghanistan we do train them here since the mountain terrain is almost the same as over there

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True, and Alaska also has a wide variety of weather which makes it very good for training.

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