The Airspeed

Hey everyone, I don’t know if anyone has noticed this about the speed but yesterday when I was flying in TS1 in the LA region from Ontario to San Diego, I flew up to about 28,000 feet and that was when my autopilot for speed changed from 310 knots to M 0.83. My speed has also decreased dramatically forcing me to descend to around 26,000 feet and that was when the autopilot for speed changed back from M 0.83 back to 310 knots. Is the M speed something that may be a glitch or is it something I don’t know about. Also, if it is something I do not know about, could I get a little help with what it could be used for, how to convert it back to knots, etc.


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No this is because you have reached normal cruise altitudes and cruise speeds are displayed at M.XX value. It is merely the system changing from keeping track of your aircraft’s speed from airspeed to ground speed.

Here’s a detailed explanation if you’re interested

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Your airspeed isn’t accurate after a while. You usually want to stay under the red “over speed” and around Mach .81 (I think)

Mach (0.87) to be exact. This applies to roughly 75-80% of the aircraft in the sim.

Pretty much depends on aircraft 😒



Welcome to the forum! If you use the search bar you can discover all about Mach and how it’s calculated as well as when it comes into use.

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It’s been pretty well answered. Thanks guys!