The airspeed shown in IF?

Is it IAS or EAS? Does it have compression?

I believe it is IAS, but I could be wrong. Not sure on compression.

There are three types of speed shown in Infinite Flight. There’s IAS, Indicated Air Speed, GS, Ground Speed, and Mach Speed. IAS is shown in the left hand side of your HUD. Ground speed is below that, and Mach speed is below that. Indicated Air Speed is on the left hand side do your HUD as I mentioned, shown as “240” or 253” or “312” etc. Ground speed is shown as “GS,” for example “GS 23.” Both IAS and GS are shown in knots. Mach speed is shown as “Mx.xx,” for example “M0.82.” Hope that helps! :)


The airspeed shown in the game is IAS as far as I know. I don’t really know what I’m talking about lol, but it’s the speed in which the plane would behave going the same speed at sea level. (240kts at FL350 has the same nose pitch as 240kts at 0 feet and the same weight I think)

Someone correct me if that’s wrong.

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See below screenshot explaining everything you need to know In regards to your question:


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