The airport you visited the most. (cannot be your home airport).

Which airport did you visited the most excluding your home airport?
Mine is Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) (WADD) and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) (VTBS). (The number of times I went to both airports tied.)
image Picture from Algerian Spotters’ video.
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I visited Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport a ton of times since most of EVA Air’s flights to Europe stop at Bangkok and continue to Europe.


Punta Cana International AIrport (PUJ). Went there around 4 times for vacation hehe

KDAB (Daytona Beach). Very nice and small airport.

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Well it’s BWI for me. I’ve been there countless times for vacation.



Got to visit the tower lol


Zürich Airport, only for Swiss connections flights (JFK is the only SWR long haul direct flight from Geneva

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I go to Atlanta (ATL;KATL) it’s the biggest and most efficient passenger airport in the world!


For me it’s Guam International Airport(PGUM).
I’ve been there like 15 times;)
And actually took off and landed with a Cessna C172 once!


Vienna Airport (LOWW) I visited it around 6 to 7 times.

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KFLL and MUNN are airports that too many visits to me

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MCO, I’ve been to Florida like 10 times 😂

Brussels Zaventem Airport (EBBR/BRU), Belgium visited like 8 times

Non-schenghen lineup at BRU’s pier B

KMSP for Hawaii!

OR Tambo International (Johannesburg )

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I’ve been to Amsterdam for a total of 4 times!

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Been to LOWW - Vienna 10+ times as that’s where I lived for a short while…

That’s probably tied with LGIR - Heraklion Airport, where I’ve flown to quite a bit (though mostly taking the ferry there from Athens) to visit family and for vacation.

KORD or KDWT. I usually have to fly to one of these airports from KIND for a connection.

For me it is Atlanta and Malaga

I was just at KIND, i flew into the city on a premier RA390. Nice airport you have.

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  1. Nuremberg, Germany: 93 visits
  2. Home Airport Basel, Switzerland: 79 visits
  3. Zurich, Switzerland: 70 visits
  4. Los Angeles, USA: 7 visits
  5. Montréal, Canada and Palma, Spain: 6 visits

So you can clearly see which routes I used to fly regularly 😂