The airport that connected this remote island to the world

You have all heard the name Saint Helena at least once in your life right?

Saint Helena island was sighted on 21 May 1502 by Galician navigator João da Nova sailing in the service of Portugal, and that he named it Santa Helena after Helena of Constantinople. Credits Wikipedia

A British Overseas Territory, It is one of the most remote places in the world. Found in the middle of the South Atlantic, it sits 1950km west of the Cunene river(marking the boundary btwn Namibia and Angola) while also being 4000km East of Rio De Janeiro.

It has been used before when Napoleon was imprisoned on the island by the British on his exile. The island also served as an important stopover for ships between Europe and Asia as well as Southern Africa.

Wendover productions managed to upload a documentary about Saint Helena and its airport(HLE/FHSH) and how it has impacted the island.

It’s a lengthy documentary. Here we go,


I have seen this documentary earlier today and it was very interesting! I recommend to watch it.


Absolutely loved the work that Sam put in this documentary. You learn something new about things you never thought about.

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I watched it. It’s so fascinating how an airport can change many lives at once.

I Just watched it and it’s really interesting, you know Sam from Wendover loves his planes

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Yup, he does. He teaches me something new every time I watch one of his documentaries. Probably the best content creator out there.

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