The airport next to a sleeping giant

Greetings everyone and welcome to part 3 of the series I have been flying.
This time I flew to KBZN which is Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. It’s original name was Gallatin Field but was renamed to associate it with Yellowstone National Park.
I flew from KSLC-KBZN in a Delta CRJ2
Oh ok here is another higher up including scenery

Desert, mountains, snow and lakes oh my

Just cruising

Descending with lots and lots of farms

Turning turning turning

Airport in sight

Just before touchdown with mountains


Love the photos!

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I also realized my spoilers were on around 500 feet from touchdown but had to deploy them low because I was around 300 feet too high about 5 miles out.

You should use photo mode if you can, it will take you’re callsighn out…

Also don’t land too hard, it wouldn’t end well for anyone if they went off… 😂🌋

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your photos are beautiful but you forgot to hide the names and boxes, this is part of the rules, so be careful the next time you post the photos.

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Yeah I will

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I see a smiley face in the “Just cruising” picture : )