The Airport In The Skies - Americas Most Scenic: Volume 1 @ KAVX - 031900ZMAY20

6 Attending!

America’s Most Scenic Volume One - Catalina Airport

Welcome to the first volume of America’s Most Scenic! In this series we will explore all of the small GA airports that have fantastic scenery or historical meaning. We will go on adventures starting with Catalina and ending with Grand Canyon West. Below you will find all of the airports we will be exploring throughout this series:

Catalina Airport: KAVX
First Flight Airport: KFFA
Steamboat Springs Airport: KSBS
Block Island State Airport: KBID
Lake Tahoe Airport: KTVL
Friday Harbor Airport: KFHR
Skagway Airport: PAGY
Yellowstone Airport: KWYS
Miami Executive Airport: KTMB
Grand Canyon West Airport" 1G4

About Catalina:

Airport Chart:


Event Info:

Server: Expert

Time: 2020-05-03T18:00:00Z

Airport: KAVX


Please wait to startup and taxi until I tell you to in the event chat

Always pay attention to the event chat

Use UNICOM respectfully

GA propeller aircraft only

Have Fun!

Stand Assignments:

Stand Aircraft Destination (ICAO) Pilot/User
GA1 C208 San Diego (KSAN) @Thunderbolt
GA2 C172 Santa Monica (KSMO) @Infinite_Flight_Dude
GA3 SR22 Yampa Valley (KHDN) @Sashaz55
GA4 C172 San Diego (KSAN) @cptlogue
Stand 01 TBM930 Leadville (KLXV) @Joseph.Barnett
Stand 02 C208 San Diego (KSAN) @Pingu
Stand 03 TBM930 Santa Ana (KSNA) @anon74260613

When requesting a gate state the stand, aircraft, and destination

Suggested Routes:





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Signups are open, get your spot before it’s to late!

Love the idea! I’ll take a Cessna 208 to San Diego, please.

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I’ll sign you up, thanks for joining!

SR22 to KHDN please!

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I’ll take GA2 Cessna 172 with my destination of KSMO.

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@Sashaz55 and @Infinite_Flight_Dude I will sign you two up!

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Can I have a gate for the TBM and I will be flying to KLXV.

I will take this gate enroute to @snoman’s event at San Diego! C172

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Looks like fun! I’ll take a gate in a FedEx C208 to KSAN.

@Joseph.Barnett, and @cptlogue, and @Pingu have all been signed up!

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There is one spot left, sign up now!

Hey, is the event at 1800Z or 1900Z? The title says 1900Z, an hour later than the time in the thread itself.

Sorry, dont know what I was thinking, the event time is 1900Z, I’ll cahnge the time in the event

I’ll take Stand 03, TBM, to KSNA please!

I’ll sign you up, thanks for joining!

The event is full, however standby is available below:

Standby Position Aircraft Destination (ICAO) User
Standby 01
Standby 02
Standby 03
Standby 04

The event is tomorrow and a spot has just opened up, get it before it’s to late!

Wait @Plnelovr , I just realized I can come. Can you add me back?

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