The Airplane Shop | An AvGeeks Paradise!

Hi everyone! There is a specialty store all about model planes for all of us avgeeks called The Airplane Shop. I’m sure you know about it, but have you actually visited one of the Locations?

Luckily, I’m heading to Miami Next week! So I’ll have to persuade my Aunt to bring me to the Miami Shop right next to the Miami International Airport.

There are Three Locations Throughout the United States! Meaning these stores are the only ones in existence that sell Gemini Jets and other products!
I’m sure there are other stores that sell Model planes such as Gemini Jets, but these stores you can just walk in and take in the sight when you see all those models, and your mouth starts to water and you just walk and gaze around the store until you see the beautiful American Airlines Boeing 77W that you’ve always wanted.

There are videos of these stores as well. Here is an example of the one in Miami:

Now that i made you excited, I am curious, would you visit these awesome stores? I’ll definitely have to visit when I go to Miami!


New Jersey

24 Stewart Place, Unit 4, Fairfield, New Jersey 07004


The Airplane Shop at Pan Am International Flight Academy
5000 NW 36th Street, Miami, FL 33122


6414 Windy Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Would you visit? If you live near one of these locations, please comment below!

  • I want to Visit, but I don’t live near any one of the stores
  • I live near one of the stores (Comment below)
  • I live across from one store, and I visit Regularly (Comment below)

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My wallet gets nervous every time I drive near The Airplane Shop. I love the one in Vegas, I didn’t know there were more locations!


I wonder why that would be 🤣🤣🤣??

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I am near the store in Fairfield, NJ every two weeks. Thanks for pointing it out, I definetely want to stop by.


I live pretty close roughly 15 hours flight away


That’s definitely close indeed lol


Yeah I know, feel bad for those though who live 24 hours away and in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


I frequently go to New Jersey while I visit my cousins and family on the east coast. I LOVE the stores I haven’t been to Miami but I been to all the other Airplane Shops


went to the Vegas location a couple years ago picked up this baby for an AMAZING price

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Why did you include the Directory from the Computer? Nice pictures btw

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I fly out to Vegas just to go to one of the shops! Jk, I’m usually there for another reason as well but I try to go there as much as I can. It really is an av-geek’s paradise.


I’ve been to the Las Vegas location a few times. I’m in paradise every time I visit 😍


I wish these where in the UK!

Longest hour of my life

(Reference to 1 hour server maintenance)

Well there is always the Diecast Airplane shop!

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I’ve wanted to go to one of these for a long time. My dad was able to buy me a few airplane models when traveling to Vegas for work, but we don’t live near any of the other stores.

i really want to visit but I live in Jakarta which is 14,352 Km to Nevada (8917.91935 Miles for Imperial guys)

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lmao apple sucks so who knows ahah

I might go to Miami in the summer so I have to persuade my parents to let me come to the shop.

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I have been to The Las Vegas one and the New Jersey one. The Las Vegas one is much better. But the Las Vegas one really specifies in 1 400 scale planes. Where as the New Jersey one specifies in 1 500. I haven’t been to the Miami one, but am heading to Florida next year, so maybe I will stop bye. Prices are quite high, but you can always look in the damaged box bin. My Best Buy ever, is a Korean Air 777-300, the nose gear was broken clean off, but other than that the plane was in mint condition. I just taped the gear with a little glue, and wallala! I had a brand new 777-300 for 11$. It was amazing. (I also got a phoniex Qatar 777-200LR for the same price, with the front tires missing) so yes, I do recommend going, just come with a lot of money. Lol. Hope my experiences helped you!

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