The airlines that became American Airlines

Can you identify all the airlines that eventually became American Airlines?
Do you know which airline really took American Airlines? Clue, not US Airways.

For those that are 35 and older may reconginze some if not all of the carriers logo.
For those that are younger, this is how a giant US carrier becomes gigantic.image

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Piedmont, PSA, us airways, America west, allegany, air cal, twa, Reno air, trans caribean. That’s all I know.

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That’s pretty good. 9 out if 13.


American-America West Combo. Not sure why that’s there… in the center

PSA in top right

USAir top
Piedmont top left
Allegheny center left
Ozark after Allegheny. One of my favorites
TC after Ozark
Reno center bottom
AirCal (???) at the bottom right corner? Looks like their old livery…
Mohawk is next
Not sure what the heck that next thing is

Missing TWA…

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Twa is the two globes where the American Airlines logo is at.

You’re right!

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