The aircraft you find the hardest to land in IF


last time tried to land an a330 i struck the tail and flipped until i was sitting right in the middle of the gatwick terminal


C-17 - by far
Austin, Texas


The 717 is the hardest plane to land for sure I have tried everything with this plane( stalling, low approach speed, excessive trim, etc). Every other plane I have mastered can’t seem to get this one


Man everyone’s forgetting the spitfire…


Super Decathlon is super hard to land.


I just hopped in to a game and landed every one people called hard and most of them buttered but the one I didn’t or could not land was the super deaclathon and the 717


q400 is very very very easy just gotta touch down at 110kt with 15 flaps dont use 30


I’d honestly say the Cessna 172 in IF even though I fly that in real life.


I find the Cessna and the fighters extremely difficult to control during landing. As for the airliners, I used to have difficulty with the DC10/MD11 until I studied Mark’s awesome tutorial. It’s a weird plane and needs like 50% trim (which I thought was insane!) and tons of practice. My landings are Landolakes buttery smooth on them.

I fly the 787 everyday so I’m like a surgeon with her badass. Seems like the bigger aircraft are easier to control during landing. The one and Only issue I had in the very beginning were over speeding on take off since they’re so freakin powerful, even @ 92% N1.

The A321 usually worries me a bit once I calibrate and kill AP a 1,000 ft from touchdown. I’ve had more go-arounds with it than with any other plane.


I always get the nose stuck in the ground


The one I am sitting in on final!


Cesnna 172


I’m terrible with ALL Fighter jets


Hardest aircraft to land?

Well for me there isnt the one and only plane that i cant land! The A340, A380, B747-8 and the A320 family are easy to land for me because i often fly the A380 from Frankfurt or London (London-Miami / Frankfurt-Dubai / Frankfurt-Bangkok) and often i can bring them down, on rumways that are much longer then i need (if they are long i use the break very late ~45kts). Same thing with the A340 (London-New York), 747 (Frankfurt-Mumbai) and the A318 (World tour project).

Now to the bad side of my pilot skills, the Super Decathlon is horrible, i slam into the ground much too fast and crash the Plane every time. Also the 767 is hard for me. I once successfully landed it in London (Cyprus-London) and after thar never again. With the 777 I decent much to slow and often touch down to late so the break need to safe me, or sometimes I go around then.


717-200 definitely


F/A 18
Just why you bully me F 18


Bc you lower the flaps it raises & when you try to descends it never goes down it just sits there in mid air floating towards the runway causing you to go around


The 777-200LR seems to gain speed when I try to descend at -1,000 at full flaps & flight spoilers on


q 400 by far you have to get it perfect and it stalls out easily