The aircraft you find the hardest to land in IF


The A340 is the easiest


Hardest: 717-200, CRJ-200,
Easiest: 757-200


The 757 is kinda tricky


The 737 it’s to hard for me


I find it fairly hard to land any GA aircraft, except for the citation because I finally mastered it.


737-800 is the only aircraft that I can’t butter


I like its very extra thrust, and light weight feel


MD-11 is easy? I find it the easiest to land. I almost always do a nice butter when I land


I think its a little hard too


Embraer Family, B717


It was the old CRJ2 for me


Oh the new CRJ is a pain.


717 hands down


C-17, b-717, and crj were always hard landings with a 5% crash landing rate for me. Since CRJ update I seem to be doing much better with most landings being medium to hard landings.
I can grease land just about everything else on IF at all weights and even a cross wind about 95% of the time.


I don’t think I’ve bounced any plane more than the SR22 or 172


The Boeing 737-900 is so hard for me. I always slam that sucker into the ground, even in calm wind


Does anyone else other than me actually enjoy the challenge of a mastering a difficult landing? Before the rework of the CRJ, I would have said that one. But I learned and was able to get control of it…then FDS went and fixed it.

Right now, I would say the Spitfire. I just can’t seem to get it without bouncing. But i’m still practicing. and any crosswind seems to give an extra control challenge.


That Super Decathalon is something else, lel


I would say every aircrafts. i need help with speeds etc lol


I agree by far the Super Decathlon, it’s incredible. If you brake too much during landing you’ll nose dive, no A/P and no flaps! 10knots crosswind landing with this and it’s an assured crash.