The aircraft you find the hardest to land in IF


I was just on the aircraft selection page in IF and I was wondering what is the hardest plane to land in IF. I couldn’t choose so I wanted to see you guys opinion
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MD-11 family, hands down.


i find the 747 hardest imo


Lol I THINK MD11 too😂😂


probably the 717, idk why i just can’t land this thing


Any GA aircraft those are just so difficult compared to the airliners especially the 747


Q400, the ground effect is wack with it.


I’m naturally gifted in landing aircraft,I think GA aircraft besides the Citation X and TBM are the hadrdest


CRJ family


747, you can’t really tell how high your seat is in the hud so I usually slam it into the ground while thinking I’m higher up.


Md11/DC10 family


The CRJ isn’t that hard to land.I just watched Mark toutrial and I was able to land it.But It was hard at first


Really, any CRJ. I always swerve off the runway no matter what I do!


B712…outdated but it’s a real challenge! Specially when it’s a plane that my VA uses a lot.


I agree with @Daniel14,GA aircraft because even the slightest winds create a huge difficulty.


The C208 is the hardest GA in my opinion


The 208 is the easiest 😂


Rudder rudder rudder usage


Always having a hard time getting the A340 on the ground… anyone agree?


Also I wish the 737s when they get updated ;) ;) ;) get ground effect added.