The aircraft you find hardest to land in IF


Same everyone hates the 712 in delta


That’s she other way around buddy


SR22, Id better off popping the chute every time

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For the c-17 try to use the auto throttle and keep it about 145 knts (If you can get away with going slower that’s fine) and flaps 15. Try and fly most of the approach with ap but if you feel comfortable gentle hand flying. As you are above the threshold kill the throttle and slowly level off. No big movements up and down just keep them small and gentle. Hope that helps!

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L a319 it s very simple


I find the DC-10 the easiest to land, and the CRJ 200, 900 and 1000 the hardest.

The spitfire I don’t land… I crash😂😉


The MD11 is easy to land. Just have to practice. 🙂


CRJ series, I can not get it down without floating.😂


the F-22 and C172/C208


I trained on IF landing DC-10s, so they’re easy for me…
But I’d say the spitfire, hands down- the only airport I land at in that baby is ICAO: KGROUND


The 757 was abit tricky since its a narrow aircraft for turbulence its hard sometimes


Try using one notch above full flaps, 10% trim and come in a little faster. I dont understand to this day why everyone using an ungodly amount of trim on landings😂😂😂. On approach I never use anything other than 10% trim and my landings average around 100fpm on vs at touchdown. That includes the F-22, F-16, C-17, DC-10, 777, 737 pretty much all jet engined aircraft


TBM i think.


Happens everytime


CRJ or 717. For For GA the C172 and SR22


A380 and Dash-8 Q400.


Hardest: 757, 717, MD11 family, 747
Easiest: 767, 737 series, A320 family

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How is the A380 hard to land

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The 777-300ER, by FAR. and used to be the 737-900, but now I can do it, with no tail strike.

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Lol Whenever someone says something is hard to land LITERALLY THE NEXT person says they find that the easiest.