The aircraft you find hardest to land in IF


Any aircraft. I’m pretty bad at landing. Although if I had to choose would be the CRJ family


A tip I can offer is just reduce thrust below 30 feet and flare at 20 feet.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll be sure to check both the tutorials and your tip!


You are welcome, I am just very good at landing the CRJ especially the 200 variant. It is difficult at first but after experimenting you will find your perfect landing routine with it. I should mention there are slight variations to landing between all the variants but that is a good middle ground with the 900.


For full value crosswinds above 7knts any GA aircraft fives me a tough time.

As for are straight in, long final, winds straight down the pipe I find the Q-400 to be difficult. As soon as I disengage the throttle over the threshold and begin my flare I always “ballon” I think I need to get my approach speed slower. Iv also considered looking at my landing weight and finding some Q-400 diagrams that can speak to flap settings vs. weight.

  1. When you land with - 100% trim and full flaps it’s so hard to keep the nose in right position, it has a very big tendency to pitch up.

That’s called falling from the sky lol

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Either the Spitfire or the MD-11 family


Havnet flown the spitfire


Me too it’s sooo hard to land

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Hardest: 717-200, C208
Easiest: Dash 8 Q400

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I think that the 757 is the hardest to land
It went crazy when landing at EGLL

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Most GA aircraft


A330 always has given me troubles, but I landed it at -132 today which is a start.

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this one’s easy to combat just listen to the normal GPWS call outd and you should be fine just flare higher and cut throttles because in an a320 it’s smaller so the “30” will be quicker in the 74 if you understand however it will be deleted in the 320 so it will take longer to touch down just bear size in mind

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For me, Probably the 717.

Lots of people seem to find the 767 hard, which I find easy.


haven’t played enough variety, but right now mine is the TBM due to its size, it’s hard to land in a crosswind but it does have good handling :)

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Probably the American Champion Super Decathlon since it’s so sensetive and a little wind can almost blow it away 😂

as you can see the yolk is pretty much straight and some wind is blowing it away

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I’ve had trouble getting consistent greasers with the following:

-747 (I believe due to eye height as mentioned above)
-new CRJ’s (round out and flare gets me and I’m
over speed diving for the runway)

I’ve licked the 74 for the most part but by no means do I have a consistent recipe yet.


Same here FBWFTW