The aircraft you find hardest to land in IF


With crosswind, use rudder towards the wind side while in the air, then to the opposite side after touchdown. Hope it helps.


For me its the 747-200


F22 no doubt


I can’t get the a340 down either

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Definitely the 717 and the MD-11


Boeing B717

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It’s so easy, lel. For me it’s the C172

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It seems made to bounce, not land…


i tried the B717. no problem with the take-off. but during the final approach, i turn the Auto pilot off then i guess the calibration changed. things get ugly. i think it was a nose dive. i had to calibrate 3 times to get a proper calibration.

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Crj family is the hardest and ERJ are the easiest


Dash Q400, hands down.


Spitfire is the most difficult for myself because several different reasons. Doesn’t seem to handle crosswinds very well.


I think 717 is very difficult. A couple knots more or less are sometimes catastrophic. I think GA AC are easy actually, I often fly patterns in a Cessna 172 or that other one.


I think that the fighters like F-22 or F-14 are the most difficult to land.

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Cessna Skyhawk. I always bounce it.

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Ha ha, not me! 😂


i say the DC-10 is the hardest


I’ve just spent the night trying to master the spit. It’s harder to take off than it is to land. Deffo a tough cookie.


I don’t know why but I struggle with the TBM.


SR22 I just remembered could never land that baby