The aircraft you find hardest to land in IF


The CRJ200 definitely, maybe the 737, I mean it’s not that hard to land a 737, but it’s not easy as a 787 or 777


B737 by a long way


It’s kinda hard to control 737, I might got hundreds of tail strikes when (trying) landing 737


Boeing 737 Family is the hardest to control. The speed reduced so fast when throttle idle.


absolutely, I always have problems with the speed and attack angle


I did nearly tailstrike a SWA 737 but if at first you don’t succeed give up and try something else


Just wanted to share my quick rules-of-thumb for landing commercial aircraft…

  • For aircraft without ground-effect, I keep the nose level on the horizon and leave approach thrust untouched or minimally reduced allowing the flare to reduce speed to the appropriate AoA for touchdown. This is not the right way IRL, but for the older aircraft here, that seems to work best for me.
  • For aircraft with ground-effect, landing is more realistic. So follow your standard landing procedure.

To all having trouble with the 737: the BBJ was the first aircraft released that had ground-effect, but as far as I can tell, the other variants currently do not. Without ground-effect, you need to adjust landing protocols.


The Spitfire in a mild to moderate crosswind with some turbulence is the only one I can’t seem to master. All the other planes just require more practice or a better technique.


For sure the L1011.


The c17 do to its lack of updated flight models/controls


My uncle used to fly md 11s for ups and he tells me that they are more difficult to fly than regular twin engines or quad engines. He only flys the 747-4/8 now for ups


I find the md11 Easy to land when I’m going like 175kts on final lol


Im surprised new people didn’t say the 717


767-300 because it floats.


The CRJ family gives me lots of trouble right above the runway.


787-10 is the most difficult in my opinion.


Agreed! And I always have issues with stalling @ takeoff. I make sure to have it over loaded - maybe I have the flaps @ the wrong setting 🤷🏻‍♂️


F-14 because it’s too fast


B767-300 is the hardest for me, especially when there’s a crosswind, Some time ago i land at KORD with this aircraft and the result i was out of runway 😆

*Note: i was on Full capacity


Extend your flaps at Full. Or 45 degrees.