The aircraft you find hardest to land in IF


Here again, trim is key. Use some more of it and apply enough power during landing to keep the aircraft well controllable. Hope it helps :)


Yes i did that but same problem… i land with all others aircrafts without any problems except these two 🤦🏻‍♂️


Try to experiment a little bit with your weight and balance settings, your trim and your approach speed. Also make sure you hit the glideslope perfectly. That is probably the hardest due to the miss of APPR, but with the help of the AP it shouldn’t be too hard. Set the V/S between 900 and 1100ft/min. If you have further questions feel free to PM me.


I would say that the hardest ones are the MD11 and the DC10.
They have a huge angle of attack and they easily stall.
Your APPR speed has to be monitored all the time, and if you want a smooth touchdown you need to have your angle of attack about 10 degrees up so you have -400 V/S.

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The small ones! The cessna is very difficult to land…


And note something, this will be useful for all your career in IF (hehe)

The biggest the airplane, the softer the touchdown.
Generally it is easier to land a B787, B777, rather than a 717.
And I don’t mean which is easier to fly, but I can say that the approach is better. At least that works for me; the only exception as I said before are the MD11 and the DC10. I have to use HUD, because from the cockpit you cannot see anything on final.


Use the SPD autopilot, but don’t turn it off until you hit the ground


Exactly same!!!


interesting… might try that


If you want to do it realistically, turn it off just before the threshold, or about 300ft (when you use ILS, autoland)


too much tail up, or too slow you just fall


Hardest: 717 (It is super hard)
Easiest: 737, C208


Spitfire mk.

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Airbus A380, bombradier dash-8 q400 are the hardest ones for me.

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Airbus A380?


The Airbus A380,Try To Land it-in solo yesterday at JFK and ended up flying over 75% of the runway and when I touched down I got stuck on the runway.


777 family, damn.

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737-900 hardest thing ever…


TBH I’m going to say the Cessna’s. My best landing only had 2 bounces on the runway!!


I thought some were easy and some difficult… the more landings i do the more I realize that I am either good or bad on that day, whatever the plane and the weather…
I log my landings on different aircraft: average values tend to be the same over time.
Best to all.