The aircraft you find hardest to land in IF


For me:

  • 717-200
  • MD11//DC10 Family
  • C17 Globemaster (Piece of junk)
  • Super Decathalon (lol)

Hardest: 717 (always get a good ole bump when I hit the ground)
Easiest: 767 (most of the time I don’t even know that I am on the ground)

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747, worst cockpit view causes for worst la fing from me


MD-11 family and the super decathlon by far !!

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I’d say the Boeing 747, both in if and real life!!!

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Cessna C172(because the physics suck) and the Boeing B717(because the physics suck on this plane as well)


See I find the MD 11 so easy, I always get it down good. For me it would be the C172.


I think the 777 is hardest


Every single plane. There have been 2 times that IF assist has clapped, and I have 30 landings…


MD11/DC10 is actually the one of the easiest. The second best overall in IF, only beaten by the incredible TBM.(in my own rating)


Md-11, trust me his don’t want to see my landings of that thing


All GA aircrafts

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C208 (dk why), F22, B717, CRJ200

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Lol not all of them, I’ve mastered the TBM already lol

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It’s so tricky because of the physics the B757 currently has. After her rework it’ll become way easier.


MD-11 is probably the hardest airliner to land. You really need to figure out the perfect trim for your preferences and your weight settings. It has a quite steep angle of attack during the flare, so it’s even harder to see the center line. After some flights with it I got used to it, but it’s still more challenging than most others.


For the record the smaller the plane the harder it is to land because you have less air Authority when attempting. The larger the plane the easier it is to land because you have more air Authority.

Recently I switched from the 777 to the Airbus a321 and the Airbus a321 is much more difficult to land it requires much more experience much more Rudder especially because there is greater ground effect. I have been flying it for months now and still have not totally mastered the aircraft.


I found the A320 family the hardest…nose wheel always hits the ground immediately after the main gear touches down.

I’m not the only one…

Everything else I can land perfectly, atleast I can say that.

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Try some more trim and pull the yoke even after landing. When you slowly lower the pitch, the nose gear will touch down gently. That’s how it works for me. :)

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For me … i hate landing with 747-8 and a340 its too hard to land with nose up 🤔