The aircraft you find hardest to land in IF


I said it yesterday! I definitely Agreeeeeeee!

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Ah okay. Sorry, just didn’t see your response.

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Lol no worries!!

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Infinite flight is a game but i try to get the plane under control. At the moment I am trying to fly the crj 200, it isnt a hard plane after some hours of training and I think I will bring it down safely in Warsaw.

The only plane I have NEVER landed is the 717, I stall or being much too high, I think I will never learn how the 717 comes down safely

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I find the 747 hard to land and find the A380 easier


B717 is the hardest I think. I will never learn how to land it.


Idk how to land big planes such as a380 a340 and 747 idk when flare I always slam the ground probbaly becaus it’s too big


The Super Decathalon, I mean, is it eaven possible? Airliners I can pretty consistently nail, and I’d say I’m compotimt in GA planes, especially the TBM, Caravan is ok, but generally GA planes dont look to have soft landings as much becuais they have stiff suspension, and less ground affect, but generally the Super Decathalon is the only plane I would say I’m likely to have a bad landing in

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lulbest Dash 8 was real hard for me but at one point i mastered it somehow, Now i need to find a different aircraft to master landings with…

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C172 definitely the hardest, F-22 use to be hard but I’ve just become a more skilled pilot. Takeoff in the F-22 is harder than landing (making it look professional). I say the best thing to do to avoid turning is to take off as soon as possible.

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No plane is miserable to land, you just have to have the skills:)


I haven’t quite mastered, but very close to mastery


Definitely the CRJ as others have said, and it’s also the hardest to take off. The tutorials helped but it’s still quite challenging.

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I don’t know why but the a330F


The dash 8 is hard


I find that the DH8D is the 2nd easiest for me. My hardest to fly is the A-10. Stalls too often under light conditions.

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