The aircraft you find hardest to land in IF


For sure the CRJ-200


50 for that one @AviationGaming😉

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That’s my bread and butter. And literally the only plane I fly and seem to have mastered, with the exception of a TBM or 787-9 flight. I sometimes stick a short haul CRJ flight in too, but 70-80% of my flights have been on the 737-8 or 900.


All GA, but for a Passenger plane, A340-600 ( Terrible Physics ) :/ I mean I can land It, I did several flights on It, but it’s hard to land.


Cessna 172 for sure, just can’t keep it straight - slightest dab of rudder and I become ‘Ken Block the aviator’ 😞

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The Dash 8

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The CRJ but only because I always forget that the nose of the plane is lower than on an A320 so the nose always touches down way to hard when I land however I’m getting better everytime.

But besides the CRJ, I’d say that I have the most difficulties with the 747. I don’t use it very often and so when I do, it ends mostly with a tail strike.

I don’t get why so many of you list the 717 though.


Airbus A346

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Boeing 737 Ryanair livery, those aircraft are so bad, but I do really butter the SAS 737 landings


A380. I never have a good landing when I use that plane


The A340 is for me. It always pitches far down when I’m landing so I crash. The CRJs, 717, 737, and the DH8D are the easiest.


I don’t know why but I struggle to land the TBM and the A380


Here is the list:

A330/A340/A380 B737/B747
Also all GA Aircraft


I love the A380 if I’m not with it the MD11 / DC10 is great.
The MD is a mother landing with him on SBSP without a (casual) effort.


717 is impossible you either plummet into the ground or you float down the runway until you have to go around haha

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a380 sooo hard


747 easy to land for me. You just have to set the correct flap angle and you can just slide the butter on the bread. [Land Smooth]


CRJ 700 lmao


for me the 717. always a pain when i attempt to butter.


Definitely Bombardier Dash 8 Q400. I’m honestly surprised no one else has said this yet.