The aircraft you find hardest to land in IF


No way 😂that’s my beloved beloved aircraft


The FA-18 and other high-speed millitary aircraft are hard to land to me,


Same with me I also find the globe master aircraft hard to fly.


Anything smaller than a E170.


For me it’s the F22, the few times I’ve tried to land it I’ve crashed it! 😂

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CRJ’s and 717/ Cessna 172 and 208, TDM, and the Spitfire


717 is miserable


But I do it all the time for the challenge


The 717 is my worst nightmare. I just can’t land that thing.

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I may have stalled in the middle of a go around so the Boeing 717 is by far the hardest


all the aircraft I have tried were not that hard. If I had to say what is harder to land in a crosswind though are the crj’s because i just wish i had more precise rudder control they are all pretty simple to me.

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I AGREE the 717 is the hardest thing in the world the nose bounces up and down so easily


787s are VERY powerful and I find them easy to land…

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Don’t talk to me, until you’ve mastered the SR22. It looks easy at first, but good luck even taxiing on a windy day without spinning out.


The super deathlacon DUH


maybe the jet


I’ve got to say anything in the 747 family – always seem to come down too fast


Try to flare at 40, especially for the 744. It will be a lot easier


Got it, thanks


P-38 hands down