The aircraft turned off the engines by itself

I was approaching OMDB airport. I had just done a fuel checklist and everything was fine. I went for a coffee and when I came back my aircraft had crashed.

I watched the replay and the engines just cut out. Does anyone know what could have happened? Was with B747-8.
If you need I’ll make my replay available.

Device: Ipad 2018 pro

Did you run out of fuel? The 747 in IF is known for not having realistic fuel burn.

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Strange, at least in the replay on the HUD it would have shown low fuel. When this happens appears, In the replay of this event no warning on the low fuel HUD. Very strange.

The strangest thing was that he had just done a checklist and the fuel was right to land in OMDB. There were only 10 minutes left to start the descent.

Do you by any chance have IF Passenger installed and connected?

I do, but I didn’t use it because I was operating with a cargo aircraft.

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Is it possible it could have turned the engines off as one of its preset emergency things. Not sure how it works but heard it can do that.

It has this option to predefine crashes, but the app was closed. It wouldn’t make sense to use an application to simulate a passenger on a cargo plane, but I understand what you mean. And I don’t use this option to avoid problems.

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But it must be an IF glitch that happens from time to time. This happened to me 3 times. Many will think I used third-party apps, I didn’t, but life goes on. I’m already on another flight.

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I’d guess this would be an Infinite Flight glitch. If you did run out of fuel, the engines would likely shut down one at a time, not all at once. Additionally, the plane wouldn’t have just dived down once the engines went out. It probably would have glided for a bit before it stalled out and hit the ground. Just a thought!

The interesting part about that is that it always seems to happen when people are away from their device… and it’s never happened when people are not ;)

Best option would as you yourself mentioned earlier to share the replay.


Well I don’t know what other people do ;) , but in my case I was interested to know what happened. I share yes, I’ll leave a link for you to download.

You should be able to make an emergency landing as long as the reversers don’t deploy.

If that happens, you’re screwed.

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In 1 hour 20 minutes, I’ll finish my flight and as soon as I arrive in LGAV, I’ll send it. How do you prefer I send it to you @schyllberg ?

I would really like it if I had that opportunity, but when I went to see it, I already had the crash screen. Oh it’s not possible do you agree?

Engine-out landings are common, but thrust reverser deployments mid-air have killed many lives.

Well, I believe you understood that when I went to sit in the cockpit, I had an aircraft on the ground. To report what happened I had to watch the replay ;). Do you understand?

You can send it through our support email

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@schyllberg I sent you and you confirm if it got there for you?

Thank you for your attention!

Got it!

And by looking at everything, it does very much looks like a fuel shortage.
AP remained on until the point of stall and all engines turned off at the same time. There’s no other logical explanation.