The Aircar

The Aircar is an Prototype of an Airplane and an Car combined and is an hybrid of both ,and the Aircar has taken to the sky for the first time on June 28. The addition of this aircraft can diversify Infinite flight’s aircraft list.


This is a bit peculiar I do have to say. I might have to free up a vote don’t know yet.

This is a cool thing in all seriousness.

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Well this is a topic I never thought I would see…


I never thought I would be creating this topic either ,but after finding out it did it’s first TestFlight last week it made me want to create a feature for this plane.

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Well this will not be added any time soon and here’s why.

There are currently no statistics of how this airplane functions. Such as fuel burned per hour, MLW, MTOW, max fuel, acceleration, or any of that. All of this information will have to be published before we can even think about putting this into Infinite Flight.

Yea I know a lot of details are missing for the plane to be added right now ,but hopefully it could come in the future when all those details come out.

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Cool request! I’ve seen some videos of this airplane-car. Voted!

I do have a question, How does it exactly drive on the roads with the wings?

Dew it. Dew it right now.

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