The airbus formation flight!

I will need some people to help me with this, which is the airbus formation flight.
It is a formation flight out of Toulouse balgnac, at 1500z.
This will be in the training server
The flight plan is this:

The flight plan is here:
FlightPlan_LFBO_LFBO.fpl (9.7 KB)

The planes for the event are all in the airbus or generic livery
(Callsign airbus 1 flight of 10) A350-900 - @Hector_wilson
(Callsign airbus 2 flight of 10) A330-300 (beluga XL) -
(Callsign airbus 3 flight of 10) A330-900 - @Damdouma_Maloufi
(Callsign airbus 4 flight of 10) BCS3 -
(Callsign airbus 5 flight of 10) A318-100 -
(Callsign airbus 6 flight of 10) A319-100 -
(Callsign airbus 7 flight of 10) A320-200 -
(Callsign airbus 8 flight of 10) A321-200 -
(Callsign airbus 9 flight of 10) A340-600 -
(Callsign airbus 10 flight of 10) A380-800 -
LFBO tower - (possibly @Yukiros_31 )
LFBO ground -


I wish I could join but unfortunately I have school.

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Oh, do worry i will post a video of the event after it!

i can make it but a bit after 15:00z, like around 15 minutes after 15:00z, i want to fly the A330NEO

Ok! Will see you there!

just heads up tho, this isnt my main account, my main accounts name is: master oogway just to avoid confusion

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Oh ok, i will put that as well

I think I can take this but I’m not sure. I will check tomorrow

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Ok, thanks. This will be super helpful!

ok I’ve checked and I can only control from 2022-12-12T15:00:00Z2022-12-12T16:20:00Z and I can’t for the final of your flight
If you find someone can do the whole flight, do not hesitate to give him ground and tower


Perfect, do not worry, the flight will, not be the full 2 hrs 30mins, i did that just to be safe

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3000??? 10 character

Toulouse ATC open

@Damdouma_Maloufi you can spawn

Yea @Damdouma_Maloufi please spawn if you can

flight of 2 is better

I think it’s my connection

No it’s the server

oh this time working

where are you @Butter575