The Airbus A390 has been Revealed!

Emirates 777-9X SkyLounge, the Fake IF update.

Haha typo. I meant jokes. :)

Oh those two, yup seen them as well. I don’t there are gonna more to come. We’ve three already and…

Wait until next year… ;)

At least you didn’t fall for the joke unlike a certain someone i know 😏 @jakevaz423


April Fools haha, anyways one would think they would not do that after the A380 but they are making an A380plus, that’s for another topic though.

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I thought the A380 was ugly enough 😬

I made a long thought out post before realizing this was an April fools joke!

The forum needs to be shut down until April 1st is over.


I can admit that this isn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had and creating this won’t please everyone. I’ve seen some April fools joke on the forum today that just down right cries out APRIL FOOLS. So I tried to make my description of this post as constructive as possible to at least make some people fall for it. But look at the bright side, I won’t be making one these again.

Kinda bored myself by all these April fools jokes nowadays and that many of them are going a bit too far.
Some are just way to obvious, mine is as well but one could believe this true?

They made the 380 out of order then they did 350 then will make 360, 370, 390

Airbus A360, the sound of it, A360… Sounds awful for some reason 😖

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Agree although it might be used on a scheme used by Xbox 360 indicating it has “everything”

Hello. It’s me.

Two minutes ago, I wanted to write like a funny reply to that great April Fools joke. But then I thought: No. I’m going to be an adult and concern myself only with things that matter.

Like the word „tough“. Think about it. You add an „h“ and you get „though“. You add a „t“ and you get „thought“. It’s confusing, isn’t it?

I think I made my point here. Let’s make April Fools jokes funny again!

Even though that plane would look funny in real life.


Yeah, i think i get your point? 🤔

I think it was uncalled for and strange

I waited that plane so much !

I hope that easyjet switzerland will order some

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Easy jet does a320s it’s the idea of only training crew for one plane budget airline concept

I believed it until the video loaded and it was a double decker 😆

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Nice try, I knew it was an April Fools joke the moment I saw the topic.

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Yeah, i just realized how obvious this is for you guys as well. If i didn’t fall for it first time i saw then most of you wouldn’t but still somehow i managed to fool some people? Don’t know how though?