The Airbus A380 Route Database

The Airbus A380 Route Database

Welcome to the Airbus A380 route database! Here you can find every A380 route that is possible to fly in Infinite Flight. If you want to fly the largest passenger plane on the planet, you are in the right place!

This thread is inspired by other existing route databases which will all be linked at the bottom of the thread.

In alphabetical order by airline:

Air France
Departure Arrival Est. time
Paris Charles de Gaulle Abidjan 6:00
Paris Charles de Gaulle New York (JFK) 8:00
Paris Charles de Gaulle Washington 8:30
Paris Charles de Gaulle Miami 9:30
Paris Charles de Gaulle Atlanta 10:00
Paris Charles de Gaulle Johannesburg 10:30
Paris Charles de Gaulle Shanghai 11:00
Paris Charles de Gaulle Los Angeles 11:00
Paris Charles de Gaulle San Francisco 11:30
Paris Charles de Gaulle Hong Kong 12:00
Paris Charles de Gaulle Mexico City 12:00
Asiana Airlines
Destination Arrival Est. time
Seoul Tokyo Haneda 2:00
Seoul Hong Kong 3:30
Seoul Bangkok 5:30
Seoul Sydney 10:30
Seoul Los Angeles 11:30
Seoul Frankfurt 11:30
Seoul New York (JFK) 14:00
British Airways
Destination ICAO Est. time
London Heathrow Boston 7:30
London Heathrow Washington 8:30
London Heathrow Chicago 9:00
London Heathrow Miami 9:30
London Heathrow Vancouver 9:30
London Heathrow Johannesburg 11:00
London Heathrow Los Angeles 11:00
London Heathrow San Francisco 11:00
London Heathrow Hong Kong 12:00
London Heathrow Singapore 13:00
Departure Arrival Est. time
Dubai Muscat 1:00
Dubai Jeddah 3:00
Dubai Amman 3:00
Dubai Mumbai 3:00
Sydney Christchurch 3:00
Dubai Athens 5:00
Dubai Moscow (Domodedevo) 6:00
Dubai Bangkok 6:00
Dubai Vienna 6:00
Dubai Mauritius 6:30
Dubai Rome 6:30
Dubai Munich 6:30
Dubai Guangzhou 6:30
Dubai Prague 6:30
Dubai Copenhagen 7:00
Dubai Milan 7:00
Dubai Amsterdam 7:00
Dubai Dusseldorf 7:00
Dubai Zurich 7:00
Dubai Nice 7:00
Dubai Frankfurt 7:00
Dubai Barcelona 7:00
Dubai Kuala Lumpur 7:30
Dubai Singapore 7:30
Dubai Shanghai 7:30
Dubai Beijing 7:30
Dubai Hong Kong 7:30
Dubai Madrid 7:30
Dubai Paris (Charles De Gaulle) 7:30
Dubai Manchester 7:30
Dubai London (Heathrow) 8:00
Dubai London (Gatwick) 8:00
Dubai Birmingham 8:00
Dubai Glasgow 8:00
Dubai Casablanca 8:00
Dubai Seoul 8:00
Dubai Johannesburg 8:00
Dubai Taipei 8:30
Dubai Osaka 9:00
Dubai Tokyo (Haneda) 9:00
Milan New York (JFK) 9:00
Dubai Perth 11:00
Dubai Melbourne 13:30
Dubai New York (JFK) 14:00
Dubai Boston 14:00
Dubai Sydney 14:00
Dubai Toronto 14:00
Dubai Washington 14:00
Dubai Brisbane 14:00
Dubai Dallas 16:00
Dubai San Francisco 16:00
Dubai Houston 16:00
Dubai Auckland 16:00
Dubai Los Angeles 16:00
Etihad Airways
Departure Arrival Est. time
Abu Dhabi Paris (Charles De Gaulle) 7:00
Abu Dhabi London (Heathrow) 7:30
Abu Dhabi Seoul 8:30
Abu Dhabi Melbourne 13:00
Abu Dhabi Sydney 13:30
Abu Dhabi New York (JFK) 14:00
Korean Air
Departure Arrival Est. time
Seoul Taipei 3:00
Seoul Sydney 10:30
Seoul Los Angeles 11:30
Seoul Paris (Charles De Gaulle) 12:00
Seoul London (Heathrow) 12:00
Departure Arrival Est. time
Frankfurt New Delhi 8:00
Frankfurt New York (JFK) 9:00
Frankfurt Beijing 9:30
Munich Beijing 9:30
Frankfurt Bangkok 10:30
Frankfurt Miami 10:30
Frankfurt Seoul 10:30
Frankfurt Shanghai 10:30
Munich Shanghai 10:30
Frankfurt Houston 11:00
Munich Miami 11:00
Munich Hong Kong 11:00
Frankfurt Los Angeles 11:30
Munich San Francisco 11:30
Frankfurt Hong Kong 12:00
Frankfurt San Francisco 12:00
Munich Los Angeles 12:00
Frankfurt Singapore 13:00
Malaysia Airlines
Departure Arrival Est. time
Manchester Palma de Mallorca 2:30
Kuala Lumpur Hong Kong 4:00
Kuala Lumpur Seoul 6:30
Kuala Lumpur Tokyo (Narita) 7:00
Kuala Lumpur Melbourne 7:30
Kuala Lumpur Sydney 8:00
Kuala Lumpur Jeddah 9:00
Kuala Lumpur Medinah 9:00
Kuala Lumpur London (Heathrow) 13:00
Kuala Lumpur Paris (Charles de Gaulle) 13:00
Departure Arrival Est. time
Melbourne Singapore 7:30
Sydney Singapore 8:00
Sydney Hong Kong 9:00
Sydney Los Angeles 13:30
Singapore London (Heathrow) 14:00
Melbourne Dubai 14:00
Melbourne Los Angeles 14:30
Sydney Dallas Fort Worth 15:00
Qatar Airways
Departure Arrival Est. time
Doha Bangkok 6:00
Doha Frankfurt 6:30
Doha Paris (Charles De Gaulle) 7:00
Doha London (Heathrow) 7:30
Doha Guangzhou 8:00
Doha Perth 11:30
Doha Melbourne 14:00
Doha Sydney 14:00
Singapore Airlines
Departure Arrival Est. time
Singapore Hong Kong 4:00
Singapore Mumbai 5:00
Singapore New Delhi 5:30
Singapore Shanghai 5:30
Singapore Beijing 6:00
Singapore Tokyo (Narita) 7:00
Singapore Melbourne 7:30
Singapore Sydney 7:30
Frankfurt New York (JFK) 9:00
Singapore Auckland 9:30
Singapore Zurich 13:00
Singapore Frankfurt 13:00
Singapore Paris (Charles De Gaulle) 13:30
Singapore London (Heathrow) 14:00
Thai Airways
Departure Arrival Est. time
Bangkok Osaka 5:30
Bangkok Tokyo (Haneda) 6:30
Bangkok Frankfurt 11:00
Bangkok London (Heathrow) 12:30
Bangkok Paris (Charles De Gaulle) 12:30

And that is every Airbus A380 route that exists! If I got anything wrong, please let me know. I left out China Southern and ANA because Infinite Flight does not have their liveries, and I left out Air Austral and Transaero because their A380s never were delivered. Let me know if you ever choose a route because of this thread!


Wow! You put a lot of work into this! Good job! I’ll definitely be using this one day.


@Suhas will be happy that you put the routes in before you posted it!

Very nice database!


You should still add AirFrance at least, there’s a whole history about the A380 and AirFrance (and it is still is IF). I understand for AirAustral because they never had one irl. But I would love the database for AIrFrance.


A route database… with routes?! What is this never before seen IFC post…

Amazing work, nicely done. Too bad the Gentle Giant is slowly disappearing…


@Mathurin_Garcier I can add that soon if you would like :)

@Suhas thank you, this took me multiple hours to complete. It is very sad, the A380 is underrated. I think that the 747 is so loved that the A380 is outshined by it. Lufthansa is probably going to be retiring their A380 fleet in the next month…sad to see what the pandemic is doing to such a great plane :(


Thanks, that sounds good. Great work.

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Doesnt the Singapore A380 go to New York via Frankfurt?


Yeah it does

Yes it does, nice catch :)

Just added it @Zak_Plant


Also looks like BA is missing to Hong Kong

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It was, I just fixed it

Oh my god. Phenomenal job @Captain-787!

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Yes I know, I put every route that they had before the pandemic because I assume they will resume to routes afterwards

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Oh, I didn’t see that you had already put it down, sorry

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Malaysia operates (or operated) their A380 from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah. It’s a very peculiar route I flew a few months ago.

MH156 seems to be the fight number.


There is also Kuala Lumpur to Medina but idk the number for that


@Ecoops123 @dca.iad.aviation

How could I forget the Jeddah route! I did not know about the Medina route though. They are quite interesting, but when you think about it it makes a lot of sense. Malaysia is a very Muslim country, and Muslims are supposed to visit Mecca, Saudi Arabia, at least since in their lifetime. Jeddah is actually located very close to Mecca. Anyway, almost all of the people on those A380 flights are Muslims with Mecca as their final destination. I will add those routes tomorrow when I add the Air France routes as well :)

Finally someone did this I was waiting for it.

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