The Airbus A380 Route Database Updated 2024 24.2

Here’s a route for Singapore:

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will edit that later

Singapore Airline’s flight to JFK has a stop over in Frankfurt. It’s not direct so you might wanna mention that! :)

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rgr that, love your channel btw

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Thank you! 🙌

Dubai - Glasgow

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| Singapore | Beijing |5:45|
| Singapore | Shanghai |5:45|
| Singapore | Tokyo |5:45|
| Singapore | Melbourne |7:00|
| Singapore | Auckland |9:30|
| Singapore | Zurich |12:30|
| Singapore | Paris |13:15|
| Singapore | Los Angeles |14:00|
| Singapore | New York (JFK) |17:15|

The above routes are not flown by the A380s

Some were dropped in favour of smaller aircraft, others was never flown by the A380


Let’s please keep all past and current routes flown by A380s in this list. Some of us like to do retro flights also. It gives more options to fly this beautiful bird - regardless of whether those routes have now gone to twin engine heavies!


If you could state the ones that were never flown by the SQ A380 that would be great thanks.


SQ’s A380s don’t fly WSSS to KLAX nor KJFK.

Unless it’s via Frankfurt (for KJFK) and Narita (KLAX)


Here is a video of the SQ A380 Landing at LAX from Singapore. Check description for the flight info.

I will fix the JFK route when I get home same with adding Tokyo route because that was flown as well

The video is not appearing in your reply.

I did a search for SQ A380 Landing at LAX, all videos that I have view indicated it was via Tokyo (Narita)


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Talking about SQ, a few years ago they flew two of their A380s to Barcelona for some reason. I don’t know if it’s worth adding it to the list but well.

Also, every year at the MWC (Mobile World Congress), Korean Air and Asiana send one or two A380s to increase their capacity on the route ICN-BCN.

Yea, I did see this video when I looking for the KLAX A380 video.

They flew from WSSS-KLAX-LEBL and the 2 A380s were accompanied by 2 A350s as well. These 4 widebodies were chartered by someone to perform a "special flight’. hence the weird route.


Will update later today

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