The Airbus A330-900neo Route Database

Should we add the LPPR-TNCM-LPPT or they won’t operate this route anymore? @flybarroso
TAP flew twice to Sint Marteen this summer. The first one was at 23 july and second one yesterday


oh wow thats is a beautiful route


It was a charter flight made by a travel agency to bring Portuguese emigrants to Porto, Portugal, it’s only done once a year, this year it was done by TAP but last year it was done by HiFly (it’s the one who makes the best proposal for the flight).

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There are routes missing Air Portugal

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If there are routes missing for Air Portugal, instead of just saying it, maybe give the routes that should be in the database so that they can be added.


I found new routes in Europe sometimes operated by TAP A339.


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Added , Thanks for your collaboration:)

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Can you send the routes that are missing?

Very very useful for when the aircraft comes in 21.5! Look forward to using it for ultra realism. Thank you!!

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Unconfirm Livery : Lion Air

Flight Number Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Time
JT96 WALL OEJN 13:00
JT307 WITT WIII 2:50
JT116 WITT OEJN 9:00
JT324 WIII WAOO 1:20
JT370 WIII WIDD 1:45
JT530 WIII WAHQ 1:00
JT540 WIII WIPP 1:00
JT588 WIII WARR 1:30
JT300 WIII WIMM 1:45
JT774 WIII WAAA 2:20
JT304 WIII WITT 2:50
JT112 WIII OEJN 9:40
JT94 WAAA OEJN 13:00
JT100 WARR OEJN 12:00
JT118 WAHQ OEMA 11:00
JT2627 WIII ZGGG 4:50
JT3114 WAOO OEJN 12:00
JT250 WIII WIEE 1:45
JT940 WIII OEMA 9:40
JT92 WAAA OEMA 13:00
JT231 WIMM WIEE 1:00
JT306 WIMM WITT 1:00
JT970 WIMM WIDD 0:50
JT970 WIDD WARR 2:20
JT846 WIMM WIPP 1:00
JT106 WIMM OEMA 9:30
JT102 WIPP OEJN 9:40
JT86 WARR OEMA 12:00
JT120 WAHQ OEJN 11:50
JT2848 YMML WADD 5:20
  • All routes already include return flight
  • All A339 are still grounded, these routes were active before the pandemic

Adding Citilink route :

Flight Number Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Time
QG5991 WAAA WIII 2:00

Adding Garuda Route :

Flight Number Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Time
GA320 WIII WARR 1:05
GA325 WARR WIII 1:10

Hello, we will share to everyone where the A330-900Neo has Thai AirAsia X flying

Flight Number Departure Arrival Flight Time
XJ592 - XJ593 Bangkok (VTBD) Hong Kong (VHHH) 2:50
XJ610 - XJ611 Bangkok (VTBD) Osaka (RJBB) 6:00
XJ638 - XJ639 Bangkok (VTBD) Nagoya (RJGG) 6:00
XJ600 - XJ601 Bangkok (VTBD) Narita (RJAA) 6:45
XJ620 - XJ621 Bangkok (VTBD) Sapporo (RJCC) 7:30
XJ310 - XJ311 Bangkok (VTBD) Brisbane (YBBN) 9:40
XJ401 - XJ402 Bangkok (VTBD) Leipzig (EDDP) 10:30
XJ003 - XJ004 Bangkok (VTBD) Zagreb (LDZA) 12:00

I hope this helps!


Bumping this so we can update the database!

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Update (13SEP21)

  • Added AirAsiaX and LionAir

  • Updated Tap Air Portugal, Citilink and Garuda Indonesia

@AirAsiaVA @Bruno_Palma @Ramzi_Khairan Thanks for your collaboration:)



Flight Number Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Time
XJ950 VTBS OMSJ 6:00
XJ950 OMSJ EPWA 5:30
XJ951 EPWA VTBS 10:30

You sure the A339 does these routes? I see an A333 active for all of them right now.

We can use the A330neo instead of the normal A330. All of Thai AirAisaX’s A330neos were parked.

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In my opinion, I think we should only add routes that the A339 actually operated on but I added it as requested:)


Good thing KFLL is in the AZUL list, as that is a normal route to any Brazil airport, campinas to be exact

HC4001 GOBD - ZBAA 13h 40mins
HC4002 ZBAA - GOBD 15h 20mins

Both Air Senegal

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Added, thank you so much