The Air India B788 is too "pale"

The IF one:

The real one

Compared to the real VT-AND our AIC 788 is a slightly to “pale”. I hope this is going to be fixed in the future, since I (and many others) like the livery very much


And on the 744. Doesn’t really matter to me

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This is a little bit of a non issue. I would rather have the devs work on global than small issues like this.


It’s just the sun in the picture making it different, IF graphics aren’t as realistic as the real world.


But would still be great to see this fixed ;)


It’s not…

I’ve compared many IRL pics and even in the shadow the color is darker…

@Aviationluver It’s only one little coding thing which takes perhaps 2 minutes

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Everything isn’t meant to be 100%

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There’s a lot of liveries with the “wrong colour”. This is just how IF was made.

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@anon31652286 @NismoKits It’s still just a simple color fix as it’s planned to be applied on the AAL B789

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And as I’ve explained: even when the sky’s brighter, the color is more beige…

It’s still not a real bright white…


My grandfather (passed) worked at Air India, so I want this to be fixed.

Also, don’t give me that bs. If the shade on any Australian livery was off, you would complain.


I wouldn’t care a single bit. All I want is a flight simulator, not a livery simulator.


Really? You actually wouldn’t care?

Hmm then, time to contact Jarno.

Go ahead, I would be pleased to see a green Qantas A380!


So not only you think devs will want to waste their time correcting this non-issue, but you think that you should waste their time further by contacting them separately?

I will never know…

Call BS on him but I’ll make it very clear from my mouth- this isn’t an issue and you should stop nitpicking about how the rendering issue isn’t perfect. You’ve done it before.


No, do you really think I will do that?

Done what before? Please PM me.

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Thank you, Ice!

For people saying that this will distract the devs, it is literally opening a file hopefully with layers, taking the white, eyedrop the beige, and change the colour, literally 2 minutes of work.

For people saying that this is an issue, it’s so non-urgent that this can be placed on the backburner. A small colour difference isn’t a big deal.


This is a pointless issue and the forum doesn’t need these silly topics about the plane being slightly differently coloured just get on with it life isn’t perfect or great and you don’t get what you want unless your rich but that’s that.

Everyone knows the Air India livery is actually a yellow white kind of colour, I also would like this corrected in the future, it’s not hard to do and it can be added as a fix in the next update so it’s only a few minutes work.