The Air Forces F-117 fights again!

Kris Tanjano was out on the snow-covered Nellis Test and Training Range On December 3rd.

when he encountered a very interesting event unfolding overhead. It involved F-16s, F-15s, F-22, F-117s, and possibly B-1Bs in aerial combat. Here is exactly how he explained what he witnessed.

“Recently, I witnessed an F-117 along with 4 F-16s go up against F-15s and F-22s. The F-117’s callsign was KNIGHT, the F-16s were GOMER and MIG, and they were communicating on the aggressor frequency. First, the F-16s came in pairs attacking the blue force (F-22s, F-15s, and maybe a B-1) then an F-117 came in at low-level just behind the F-16s towards the blue force. They all fought it out for about five to ten mins then restarted for a second push. Once again the F-16s came high overhead, followed by a low-level F-117.
Several times the aggressors called out a target which was a low-level heavy aircraft which I believe was B-1 but I am not certain. After both fights were done the aggressors called RTB [return to base] and the F-16s headed back to Nellis AFB. But before that, they rendezvoused with the single F-117 on its way to Tonopah. Several minutes later, Silverbow (Tonopah) frequency became active with KNIGHT checking in.”

Kris was able get several photos of the F-117s!

Photo creds found here

This is the most cool thing I will hear all day.


The F-117 is still used for testing in the USAF. It has been doing this since its fleet retirement and since 2016 some F117s have actually been flying black ops sorties in the Middle East. This isnt a news worthy discovery but you definitely got to observe something rare and hush hush.

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