The Air Force Big Ops

An Air Force C-17 prematurely dropped a Humvee by parachute into rural North Carolina, military officials said Wednesday.

The drop was miles from the intended target, and no injuries were reported on the ground, in the town of Cameron, WTVD reported.

McCollum said the heavy drop was part of a test conducted by soldiers from the Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate.

The aircraft is stationed at Joint Air Force Base Charleston.


So did they miscalculate the drop? Or what led to them missing the drop?

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Normally when they miss the drop the crates jam in the rollers of the C-17 when sliding out of the hold that’s what I’m guessing happend

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Fix your problem Air Force. First the B-2 now this!!


Interesting, a humvee two hour guaranteed delivery - Amazon has competition now!!


Got a news article and or pictures?

Here’s a news article relating to it:

I’m certainly glad I wasn’t flying along underneath it, I imagine a humvee strike is much worse than a bird strike. Especially if this happened outside a drop zone or military operations area.

It would be interesting to see where this landed.


Check this out! This is the event the end of that article referenced (happened a few years ago). Pretty crazy they let these vehicles fall with no chutes on purpose. According to multiple news sources, a 29 year old sergeant was found guilty of cutting parachute straps on all three of the vehicles. Yikes!


Just imagine living in that town and a humvee just dropped from the sky…


I don’t know why I laughed watching the humvees fall to the ground and make a dust cloud.


neither do I to be honest

It still was one, just one woth a different purpose than was intended. What will happen if we drop a Humvee into a residential neighborhood?

over seas, or state-side?

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