The Air Austral Experience

Hello all!

I’m back from my week long virtual vacay that I took in St Paul, Reunion! I’m pleased to say that I have made a fast swift recovery last week from COVID and am back to my normal self!

-Air Austral has a lovely fleet on IF. The 787, A220, A380 & 777LR are a nice edition to the sim and I’ll be honest, I have not flown either since the global days… Until now. I decided to make good use of three to rack up for XP and hours with the long hauls! Photos were taken on the Expert Server with edits made on Adobe Lightroom!

3PM Departure from Paris Charles De Galle with the 787-8. Rotating from RWY 8L with a Ethiopian 777LR pushing back in the background.

Cruising over S. Europe with the light fading fast
I'll be honest. I did some time cheating with this photo because It was dark by the time I landed at FMEE.
The morning after, I decided to give the new A220 a proper run. Seeing that FIMP was only a mere 25 mins away air time, I did a round trip. I personally like the lava fountain picture on the tail of this bird.

Sadly, Air Austral gave up leasing the 777-200LR in favor of the 4 Triple Seven 300s they were receiving in 2015. After my long week stay, it was time to head back to Paris. Gotta love that blue tail on this. Lovely departure shot!
Arriving @ LFPG