The age old question...

It’s actually a really good point, and I wish I’d considered having it as a poll option.

As I understand it, Bombardier’s new C Series is a fusion of Airbus’ technology and Boeing’s philosophy.

It’s probably my favourite aircraft right now, and the one I’d feel most comfortable flying on.

Here’s a video explaining more:
Bombardier C Series Flight Deck


I don’t care if it’s Cessna, embraerer, bombardier, Boeing, Airbus, MD, or who ever!! I’m going if it’s on a plane!


Sure, if it is an airplane, I’m in (a few exceptions)

I like how many people list the striking example of Air France 447 about how Airbus’s technology isn’t that good of an idea. Sure, it is a tragic incident, but many overlook the many pilot error related incidents, Airbus and Boeing. Besides, there are many other factors that affect safety.

I really don’t understand why this debate is so partisan, it’s worse than the Republican versus Democrat debate in the US. Each manufacturers’ planes have their own virtues, some of those virtues make them great, some are drawbacks. Leave it at that.

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How come an Airbus wings dont really flex like i know they flex but its hard to notice, unlike boeing where their go crazy in flexing which i love:) specifically the a320 family! Is it because their wings are smaller or what??

The larger Airbus wings tend to flex more. The 787 just flexes a lot.

This question can’t be answered by people. Lol. Cause it all comes down to preferences not fact…

Considering the question is asking about people’s preferences, I’d say it can be answered.

I love Boeing not because it is American, but because they have been around for 100 years. They have been through aviation so much more than Airbus, even the parent companies. People might say that Boeing isn’t as safe, but with 100 years you would expect such things. Some people say Airbus created the 2 engine widebody, and they did, but Boeing made it their own and much better. Besides, if Airbus wasn’t around, Boeing would have made it to where they are today, maybe a couple extra years. I would think Airbus would be stuck at the moment. Which they are, giving all planes a “neo” because they have nothing else.

Everyone thinks the neos are worrhless but they arent theyre much cheaper to run more fuel efficient and look pretty cool yeah they still have the same look as their predecessors but they really arent the same we all just assume its the same because it has barely any visual changes but its the inside that has changed

I thought the age old question was which is better not which do you think is better 🤔

100 years strong this July :") so happy to be on this team.

Sorry, what? Remind me of the most recent clean sheet design that Boeing has come out with?

As much as I like to be impartial…

But then again, I am from Europe! 😂

I believe that is called the 787.


That’s such a subjective question, ask Ryanair and they’ll say Boeing, ask EasyJet and it’s Airbus. Ask Delta/American/United and they’ll say “it depends”.

A350 is 4 years newer, and also a clean sheet design. Hit me with another.

…My point is; that although I agree that Airbus are creating ‘neo’ versions of their aircraft, Boeing isn’t doing anything groundbreaking right now either.

I don’t think any manufacturer is doing anything groundbreaking. Innovation in aircraft is always slow.