The age old question...

Tell me if you fell in love with Airbus after the video

I have no preference whatsoever in Airbus vs. Boeing. I am a McDonnell Douglas/Douglas fan and choose not to partake in the tit-for-tat A vs. B flamewar

Airbus totally.

Which one is your favorite?

What is your favorite Airbus mine is A320.

I’m probably the A330 or 40

I’ve always loved distance wide body planes.

But the A320 is actually coming close to favorite. my dream is to fly an Airbus for delta or American someday

It’s the amazing Airbus for me

a320 Love the Airbus family. But the 737 are great to, especially 736

I would fly both. Airbus can literally fly itself

And Boeing can’t?

Yeeep boring can its just that the fact a say Airbus because, the manufacturers rely do much on their computers that it can almost fly itself, a for boeing companies they belive pilots have the last say

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You can always operate an Airbus in alternate law if the pilots feels like it. The protections like 67 degree max bank are off and you can fly it manually as well as a Boeing aircraft. Airbus doesn’t rely solely on the computers. Accidents like AF447 make the public believe computers and the complexity of these systems in Airbus aircraft brought down this flight but it was just a human factor that led to the crash. And sorry to disappoint you: Airbus planes can’t fly by itself.

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Definitely Airbus

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Airbus ! :)

A350 or any airbus

Boeing. I don’t want to fly a computer flying a plane.

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I love the Boeing 777, the Airbus a330, and the Boeing 747.