The age old question...

I Prefer Airbus cause Airbus Planes are Comfortable and Very Fuel Efficient. But I Prefer Boeing cause Some of Boeing Planes like 777 Especially -300 -200ER and -300ER Have a Longer Range than Some Airbus Planes (Except A380)

bringing this topic back for anyone who wants to join in

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I have only flown on 2 different Bodeing aircraft (a 737-800 and a 757-200). But I have flown on many Airbus (A320s and A321s). I enjoyed my experience on the 738 but the A321 was my favourite!

Airbus by far

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i would say boeing for now…

i will say airbus they pay more attention to lux and comfort

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… Sorry his excellence Rotate, didn’t know how to create a poll.
And the “goal” of this topic was to know WHY people are preferring Boeing from Airbus or Airbus from Boeing.

Oh man there’s going to be a huge flamewar here…

I vote Douglas/McDonnell Douglas company

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For me when I liked Boeing it was a nationality thing

I’ve been thinking about it and I go Embraer for RJs. I like the CS more than the original E Jets but the E2s look real nice IMO. Love the Brasilias too.

But I won’t hate on Bombardier. After all the only RJs I’ve flown are their CRJs

Can’t beat the queen they call her that for a reason ;p, can’t beat the 787 wingflex, also can beat the 777’s period. But I do love the classic Airbus’ very much A300 fam in perticular only Airbus I’d fight for. Well ehhh A340 and 330 are worth a look too! But I’m gonna have to say Boeing :3

I can not judge, I have never boarding in a Boeing.

I prefer Airbus due to it’s quietness.

In my opinion Airbus offers more comfort to the traveller. From what I experienced, the B737-XXX is not a very nice plane, and is what we here call an “aggressive” plane, made for Cargo. Especially the plane’s nose is all blocky; however Boeing fixed the nose in the B787.

Airbus, from what I feel, flies a lot smoother and, again, offers more comfort.

However compared to the Tupolev-154, Boeing 757 easily beats that. (TU-154 was the first plane I flew)

I flew on an Airbus 319, 320, 321; A330-300. ( a lot on those planes)

I flew on Boeing B737, 747, 767. ( I think on a 777 too)

Overall, Airbus by far!

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Airbus 320 from Mallorca to Luik

Gotta agree with you on the comfort side.

I’ve flown on the A319, A320, and A321 and the 737-800, of which the 319, 320, and 738 were all the same airline (Delta), and the A319 is engineered more for pax comfort.

The A350 offers a wider cabin than the 787, allowing for wider seats=more pax comfort with people getting wider and wider every year

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I prefer Boeing because of the loudness XD

I would say both. Boeing has good aircraft while airbus can literally fly itself. Overall i say airbus