The Afternoon Rush!


Afternoon Rush!

Chicago, known as the Windy City, is famous for its diverse culture and the deep dish pizza! KORD is known for its large size and its appearance in Home Alone. This airport is the perfect place for a fly-in from KCLT as it will be a hub and its large size can accommodate a hefty amount of pilots! Charlotte, the departing airport is a city with a ton of diversity and has perfect weather for spring people! Obviously, some people don’t enjoy it, so they are wanting to travel up north! Lets help them and fly to KORD to take them out of humid Charlotte!

Event Information

Server: Expert

Route: Charlotte Douglas International Airport - CLT/KCLT → Chicago O’Hare International Airport - ORD/KORD


Gate Assignments

Gate assignments are at the pilots discretion WHEN arrived at KORD! Please spawn in at CONCOURSE A at KCLT when loading in for the flight!

ATC Assignments

IFATC will be not controlling KORD or KCLT

| CLT/ORD ATIS needed |
| CLT/ORD Ground needed |
| CLT/ORD Tower needed |


My callsign is D-DANI and I will be the group leader for this event!


B737-800 (United Airlines 2019 <UA/UAL> livery


  • I am not responsible for any violations you may receive.

  • Listen to ATC

  • Spawn In 15 minutes BEFORE the event starts!

  • If ATC is not presents then use Radio/Traffic correctly

  • Please ensure to take a glimpse at the taxiways as KCLT and KORD taxiways are complicated

  • RW23 in KCLT is NOT used as a departure runway and is instead used as a taxiway.

  • Most importantly… HAVE FUN!!!

Please note to sign up for the event so I can ensure who to contact during the group flight!

Good morning everyone! Just a friendly reminder that the event is at 1:15 PM New York time!

Please ensure you can go! I hope to see you at Concourse A at KCLT!

Unfortunately I read the dates wrong, ORD is NOT a hub and in fact was a hub yesterday. I am sorry for the incorrect info.

Hey. Sorry i cant make this one. Im doing a Peoria fly out and won’t make it. Hopefully you get sign ups though

No worries! It’s totally fine you’re already in another event!

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They never opened at ORD despite it being on the list for yesterday.

Thats strange.

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