The aerobatics violation system needs fixing

Basically I was going a bit fast and pulling a few g’s in a few turns before landing in an uncontrolled airport in Australia because I was coming in hot and needed to slow down (I had spoilers out and was doing every trick in the book), aaaaaand then I got 5 violations, this system does need a human back up behind it to review the violation.

Disclaimer: I have no idea weather it should be in support or general

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Now normally people aren’t ghosted if you preform an aerobatic move, they are given a violation. If i’m not mistaken
At an uncontrolled airport, I should add

I’m grade 2 now, and I doubt one violation would be enough to get me from 3-2

Well if we could see your grade table we’ll be able to see what happened. And if you go to the flight in your flight logs you’ll be able to see what you were violated/ghosted for

You would be correct, lemme edit some stuff

What im saying is that I wasn’t doing aerobatics and it’s not like I was at 5ft (I know it’s 10k) but I didn’t see the harm of a few tight turns

Violations are only usually reversed if it is an unintended issue on Infinite Flight’s end. Sit tight and wait for a staff member or moderator to get back with you on this as they are the only ones that can help you at this point.

Additionally, you can contact one by PM in the future if they miss this thread.

Good luck, sir.

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Uncontrolled as in “not currently controlled by ATC”, but that isn’t the threshold. There may still be traffic around. Are you suggesting that any airport be fair game, no matter who may be around? Are you suggesting the 10k be lowered to ground level so you don’t have to prepare for landing in an appropriate manner?

You scream “…needs fixing…” with your multiple exclamation marks (which aren’t a thing, BTW), but as far as I can tell, you haven’t offered what specific changes you think should be made (remember, code has to be specific and precise) other than that you, personally, shouldn’t get violations.

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Well as you state in original post you were coming in “hot and fast” and needed to slow down. That smacks of an inexperienced pilot, which is the purpose of the violations. So nothing to fix here.

We have all found ourselves in simular situation, happens to the best of us when you have miscalculated your TOD or coming in a little fast. Best thing to do in this circumstance is to do a 360 turn, when you can slow down and lose height at the same time.

Happy landings.

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Bank angle and G loading are just some of the factors that play into aerobatic violations. If you’re accumulating these violations at an airport you have some work to do because your inbound procedures need some help.

I removed 4 out of the 5 violations you received due to the fact that the time stamp on those 4 weee all the same. My suggestion is this, fly the air show maneuvers on the casual server and you’ll be A-OK. 🤗


WOW, thank you!! I understand what you said, i have taken it into consideration next time i join a streamer for an F-16 flight

I was Just in a group flight and i think we all were going a bit fast

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