The Advanced Server at 0900 Zulu

It is so quiet!


Yep, at 0900z in Europe guess most people are at Work / on way to School, in Americas its 5am-2am so guess people are asleep…:)


That’s not always a bad thing. I’ve had trips where there’s been maybe 3 people in the advanced California region and I have had ATC nearly all the way.

It feels more professional and is just lovely. (Also no lag)

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Yes it’s really quite at that time on the advanced server because, in the UK people are waking up or on the way to school! Or the people in the US are sleeping! And the Australians are also about to sleep! :)

There are so many nationalities here. People from all over the world!
Isn’t it always somewhere time for IF? ;)

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I couldn’t because I was out on a trip to Honolulu.

There were only 2 people yesterday when I logged in to Advanced, at Oshkosh.
Playground too wasn’t very busy and Free Flight was rather quiet.

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