The Adriatic & Central Europe

I followed the IFATC schedule this week and it led me to some new and exciting places! Here’s one flight from Corfu to the Hub of the Day, Budapest, a flight that proved to be really rewarding both for the colourful company at the airports and the fascinating scenery on route…

Server : Expert / Aircraft A320

The line up at Corfu, 1 runway only with back taxiing slowing things down

My turn!

Farewell Corfu

Climbing along the Adriatic coastline

Onto the mainland near Dubrovnik

Mountainous Central Europe

Blue Danube

Touchdown, reverse thrust!

Busy Budapest today

Thanks for taking a look, and thanks to the IFATC for keeping the skies safe in the Adriatic and Central Europe 👍

mcgregni / ZK-MCG