The Addition of ForeFlight is Amazing

I learned about ForeFlight while at the air show in Oshkosh last week and couldn’t wait to link it up with IF. I upgraded to the synthetic vision package which is really spectacular, especially while flying in the mountains. The features–weather radar, traffic, terrain, approach plate overlays, taxi map, etc–all make IF even more addictive. Check it out if you haven’t done so yet!

If anyone is curious, you have to turn on ForeFlight in IF settings and have an additional device on the same wifi network to link. I’m using two iPad Air 2 and it works flawlessly.


I was at EAA last week too! What a show it was, the F22 was amazing!

It really was great! The F22 was amazing, and I loved the A350 (though the flight deck was closed when I took the tour). Oh well, always a fun event. It’s a yearly tradition!

Thankfully for me it is only a 45min drive from Green Bay!

We drove up from south Florida in the motor home and camped on the grounds. Always such a great time.

People know about it, can’t afford $150yr. Everyone’s trial period expired I assume.😀


Must be pretty good for that price. I might have to get it, is it worth the money?
Also wat are some of its features

It’s worth every penny, it’s cheap for real world pilot. No more big flight-bag, Now days commercial pilots get own iPad from the airlines. You can see them carrying either small bag or iPad pouch.

Used in reality? Well that sums up if it’s worth it haha
Looks interesting

It’s for the commercial/private pilots, you can use them for sim aswell to be more realistic.

Man use Sid/Star see how you line-up to the runway for landing. It’s so precise.

Is it simple to to hook up to IF or complicated?

Nah very simple, if you use both device on same wifi, just tick enable foreflight in infinite flight setting and go to foreflight setting in other device go to setting find device and just enable it. Peace of cake. You’ll see your device/plane on foreflight once you are in the airport on infinite flight

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Alright cool sounds simple enuf, it fore flight just in the App Store?

Yeh it’s in the App Store, you’ll get 30day trail without more advanced features. You won’t get moving charts and synthetic vision on free version but it’s nice to try before you buy. Once you ready to buy you just buy subscription inside app after trail then you would get full features.

Alright I’ll try it later on, other iPads currently enroute Sydney to lax ☺️

What’s the name of the app?


I just bit the bullet & forked out for the full version. The terrain map, synthetic vision & terrain warnings make flying KDEN to KASE a totally different experience. You really appreciate the dramatic (& potentially dangerous) mountainous terrain and gain a respect for real world pilots that have to fly this challenging route. It’s really satisfying planning a route, and the list of existing route options makes this even easier. Also very quick to customise and save your own routes with any waypoint. Another cool feature is the airport map that automatically pops up upon landing. Seeing a detailed view of taxiways and airport gates as your plane icon moves over the map, makes taxing a lot more life like and fun.
Foreflight IS expensive, but if you’re a Sim addict and play all the time, it takes IF to a completely new level.


Question. If I am only going to use it for IF, it’s it worth it?